Herman Spinhof (master in sociology) is an independent journalist and non-fiction author. His articles and book covers wide range of interest: art, (social and mass) media, life style, social and economical behavior. The last few years he published books about:

  1. the dismiss of the biggest Dutch newspaper publisher PCM, together with Kees Schaepman, 2008 (republished in 2014) (click here)
  2.  the life of bodyguard and driver of the prince of Holland during WW2, prins Bernhard, 2014 (click here)
  3. the Srebrenica drama during the Bosnian war 1995, ghostwriter of former colonel Charles Brantz , 2014 (click here)
  4. memories of Moluccans of the WW2 (Japanese occupation 1942-1945), the independence war against the Netherlands (1945-1949) and the occupation of Ambon by Indonesia (1950), published in 2019 by WalburgPers. (click here)



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