Japan forced 500,000 women into prostitution: Will Southeast Asia push for justice?

After 75 years, the survivors of Japanese war crimes of rape and forced prostitution in Southeast Asia have yet to see justice. ASEAN countries can play a decisive role in this ongoing issue.By Griselda MolemansApart from their collective socio-economic goals, the ASEAN countries share a dark past. From 1940 on, invading Japanese army troops rolled out a system of forced prostitution in the region, exploiting thousands of young girls and women. This secret system was devised by the highest army command to prevent sexually transmitted diseases among the soldiers and to keep them happy in order to avoid mutiny. Seventy-five years after World War II, the last survivors of this war crime in Southeast Asia and elsewhere are still fighting for recognition—and for an official apology from the Japanese government.   ASEAN Today

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journalist/ writer, print, television, radio photographer
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